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International Office

 Department of international cooperation

and medical tourism   

The Department was set up at the beginning of 2011 in order to develop cooperation of Feofaniya Clinical hospital

with foreign hospitals and medical institutions, as well as to attract foreign patients

to undergo diagnosis and treatment in our Hospital (medical tourism).


Key tasks of the Department: 

⇒ Cooperating with international organizations, with foreign hospitals and institutions in the field of health care.

⇒ Developing new, innovation forms of scientific and medical cooperation with foreign university clinics for the purpose of joint resolving of current diagnostic and therapeutic problems.

⇒ Initiating and supporting new projects by involving international partners. 

⇒ Assistance in preparing and holding of trainings, conferences and workshops for the medical personnel of the Clinic by inviting foreign experts in the field of medicine.

⇒ Arranging trips abroad for trainings, conferences and seminars for the purpose of experience exchange among foreign experts and Feofaniya doctors.

⇒ Distributing information about the Feofaniya hospital as a leading national base of medical tourism services for international patients.

⇒Exchanging best practices and work patterns in the sphere of medical tourism with leading medical institutions in Europe and around the world.

⇒ Preparing, concluding and implementing contracts in the field of international cooperation and medical tourism. 


We are open to cooperation with international organizations in healthcare sphere, foreign hospitals, university clinics and institutes.

Cooperation areas with medical institutions: 

⇒ referral of patients to treatment in Feofaniya; 

⇒ referral of patients to specialized examination for diagnosis setting and treatment regimen ordering.   


Treatment in Feofaniya of foreign patients

For Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking citizens: 

Make an appointment with a doctor and get information about the cost of diagnosis and treatment, you can by phone: +38 (044) 259-69-77+38 (044) 259-69-77.

If You do not speak Ukrainian or Russian, 

send Your request in English or German to the following e-mail: 

We guarantee to contact You and provide detailed information in the shortest possible time! 


Contact information:  

Head of Department: Tetiana Bilas 

Т.:       +38 (044) 259-63-72+38 (044) 259-63-72

Т./F.:  +38 (044) 259-63-71